Mike's Lifetime Love Affair With Plants

Mike McGroartyMike McGroarty

As you probably well know, being passionate about plants isn't such a bad way to spend a life!

My lifetime love affair with plant got off to a very slow start. I was first introduce to the world of plants as a teenager working in a local wholesale nursery. One of the first plants that I got to know intimately was Crimson Pygmy Barberry. It was either my first or second day at the nursery when we were assigned to weed about 5,000 pots of Crimson Pygmy Barberry. Those thorns were stuck in my fingers for weeks and under my nails for months!

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Needless to say, that experience tainted my view of the plant world! But eventually that memory would fade and I would slowly but surely fall in love with many of the plants that I worked with. I truly did become passionate about plants. Not as a teenager mind you, but later on as an adult. However, I must be forever grateful to those Barberry plants, because had it not been for them there would be no FreePlants.com and who knows how mundane my life might have been.

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On this page I'd like to share with you just a few of the plants that I am passionate about. Just click on the links below and enjoy the journey with me.

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Harry Lauder's Walking Stick

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Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud Tree

Assorted Plants in My Landscape Designs

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