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What is the Backyard Growers Business Center?

The Backyard Growers Business Center is a private website reserved for and dedicated to people who are serious about successfully growing and selling small plants from home.  It's made up of a small community of people who are eager to help each other succeed.  On a daily basis the members help each other, answer questions for each other, provide advice, counsel and share resources.

They also encourage each other.  It's easy to get distracted or feel dejected about what you are doing or whether or not you should be doing this.  On a daily basis they prove to one another that this really can and does work.  For many people they don't receive that kind of encouragement from friends and family and it's easy to lose the enthusiasm for what you are doing when you are surrounded by people who are telling you that you are wasting your time.

It's also really easy to get confused about what you should be doing, what plant propagation techniques work the best.  What kind of potting soil do I need?  Where can I find it?  My plants don't look so good, what could be wrong with them?  These kinds of questions are answered on a daily basis.  If you have a plant that doesn't look good you can post a picture and get an answer, sometimes almost immediately.

There are all kinds of places online where you can ask gardening questions and there is no shortage of people who offer up answers.  But very, very, very few of those people have ever grown plants for profit nor have they ever worked in a commercial plant nursery.  They will steer you wrong because truth be told, they just don't know what they don't know.  To a person like you, who is building a small backyard growing operation, those kinds of people can be dangerous and cost you a great deal of money and frustration.  You need to take advice from those who are doing what you are doing.

I cannot state it strongly enough.  

Be very, very careful from whom you take advice.  Even people with advanced degrees in horticulture lack real world knowledge and experience.  What happens in the nursery is a lot different than what someone learned in the classroom.

The members of the Backyard Growers Business Center are like family.  They treat each other like family and in many cases better than family.  They care about one another.  They help each other more than you can imagine.  One of the members suddenly found herself homeless because of circumstance out of her control.  Another member offered her a place to stay on her property and she's still there!  They are working together growing and sell plants.  They each have their own customers and their own business, but they are working from the same property simply because one member cared about another.

The members get together, several times a year in different parts of the country.  It's an amazing thing to see.  They get together and hold co-op plant sales where one member has a place to sell so they invite nearby members and let them sell at their event.  They do co-op buying, they get together with others in their area and order plants from large wholesale nurseries to get the best discounts.  They get together and tour large wholesale nurseries together.

They are all about helping one another.

The Backyard Growers Business Center is also a place where you can buy small plants wholesale and sell your own plants as soon as you have plants to sell.  The deals that are advertised in the Buy/Sell area on a daily basis are nothing short of amazing.  Japanese Red Maples for $2.00, really, really rare Japanese maples for less than $12.00.  Harry Lauder's Walking Stick for $4.00!  You will not find these prices anywhere.  We have members that have sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of plants to other members in this Buy/Sell area.

When Heather from Washington state advertised some ferns in the Buy/Sell area and sold out in just a few days she Emailed me all excited and told me she just sold $1,700 worth of ferns and assured me that she'd be doing that again.   When Andy from Maine advertised some rare Japanese maples for $11.00 each I watched the orders pour in.  When I congratulated him on selling $10,000 worth of plants in a week he was completely bowled over.  He was so busy taking orders he didn't realize how much it all added up to.

Is that how it works?  Can I promise you that you can do as well selling in the Buy/Sell area.  No.  Absolutely not.  To be perfectly honest I have no idea how much money people make selling plants in the Buy/Sell area.  I really don't pay a lot of attention to it.  But I do know that the ads change quickly so that tells me that people are selling out.  A few things have caught my attention, like Heather's ferns and Andy's Japanese maples.

Do I buy plants in the Buy/Sell area.  I certainly have.  Like I said, I don't spend a lot of time there, but when I do, look out! I've bought thousands and thousands of dollars worth of plants at at time.  Mostly rare Japanese maples.  But I've also bought all kinds of flowering shrubs for as low as 65¢ each.  I've purchased from Mrinali in Georgia, Andy in Maine, Keith in Indiana, Norman in Oklahoma and probably others.  When I need something I always check the board.

Do I sell on the Buy/Sell board?  No.  Not at this time and I'm not sure if I ever will.  I can sell retail and wholesale from my location here in Perry, Ohio and for now that's what I prefer.

The members have events like the one pictured here in different parts of the country.   One member in Tennessee had everybody over for a barbeque, another member in Virginia had people over for a summer get together.  Each year for a number of years there's been a big event in Georgia and another in Texas.  Like I said.  We are family.  When one member is in pain the entire group is in pain.

Last year one member had  devestating house fire.  This summer when we she was ready to start her nursery again we rallied around her and the members sent plants and supplies, even a mist system to help her get her nursery started again.  When Doug's property and nursery flooded in up state New York we raised money to help him out.  Some members traveled a long distance just to help him clean up the mess.

Is the Backyard Growers Business Center for everybody?  No, it's not.  This really appeals to the person that is truly interested in making their small nursery really successful.  This is for people who want a successful business that they can operate from home and want to have the ability to discuss what works and what doesn't work with other members including myself. 

I personally spend a great deal of time in the Backyard Growers Business Center answering questions and offering advice.  For me it really is quite time consuming, that's one of the reasons I don't spend as much in the Buy/Sell area as many of the members do.  That's also why we limit the membership, often times closing and not accepting any new members at all.

My time is spent answering questions and helping the new members.  Especially the new members!  They are the ones who need the most direction in the beginning so I make it my mission to be there and guide them along the way.  Of course there are many members who also pitch in generously sharing what they know and what's working for them.  That helps me out a great deal plus it gives the new members more than one perspective on things.

There is an investment in this resource but we do two things that people really appreciate.  First we allow anybody that has purchased the Small Plants, Big Profits from Home system to take a 30 day test drive of the Backyard Growers Business Center for only $7.00.  $7.00!  That it for the first 30 days.

The second thing that we do is allow members to invest in a permanent membership so once they reach that permanent member status, and there are two ways to get there, they never have to pay again.  We have many, many people that have been permanent, paid up members for years and years.  For them this has been the most incredible investment ever.

Here's what a few members have to say about the Business Center...

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$7 30-Day Trial
Followed by 9 Monthly Payments of $67

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Or we also have a one pay option that comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  You make one single payment of $497.00 and you are immediately considered a permanent paid up member.  That's a savings of $113.00!  And you've got a full 60 days to decide whether or not you want to remain a permanent, paid up member.  If you decide that this is not for you, just let us know and we will refund your money, No Questions Asked!

Even with the recurring billing you can drop out any time you want, but will not be refunded for the time you spent using the Backyard Growers Business Center.

$497 One-time Payment (Savings of $113)
No Recurring Payments

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