National Gardening Shindig Day

National Gardening Shindig Day is a day that is devoted to an event that we call a Gardening Shindig. These events take place on the third Saturday of September each year. Here at we encourage anybody and everybody that is associated with home gardening to get involved and host an event in your local area. Not only is it a way to give back to the gardening community, but it's also a great way to promote your own business.

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A Gardening Shindig is a fun, entertaining and educational event that every gardener will love. The third Saturday of September is designated as "National Gardening Shindig Day". This is an event invented for our Backyard Growers. It gives them an opportunity to meet the gardening enthusiasts in their cities and towns at a time of the year when things are not quite so hectic.

Typically a Gardening Shindig is a relatively small event, that usually takes place at the home of a Backyard Grower. It's an event for people that are passionate about everything and anything gardening, and even the most seasoned gardeners are sure to learn new and valuable gardening techniques at one of these events. But these events can be larger and might even involve an entire town if many people get involved in the planning and preparation. Maybe your hometown would like to host such an event.

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A Gardening Shindig is a very positive upbeat event that is centered around the celebration of plants, gardening, and everything outdoors. These events are a great way to teach children the value and fun of gardening and plant propagation. Many families already have vegetable gardens and maybe some fruit trees in the yard, but we take it to the next level and teach people how to propagate and care for ornamental plants. You may discover how to...

  • grow dogwood trees from seed.
  • grow Japanese Red Maples from seed.
  • grow flowering shrubs from cuttings.
  • how to keep your gardens weed free using organic weed control techniques.
  • how and when to prune flowering plants like Rhododenrons and Azlaeas.
  • how to keep your blue Hydrangeas blue, or how to turn them pink.
  • how to prune a fruit tree so as to get better quality fruit.
  • build a homemade plant propagation system out of an old fish tank.
  • how to properly prepare a planting bed so your plants thrive.

That's just the beginning of what happens at a Gardening Shindig.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you will also have the opportunity to purchase some really nice plants at super attractive prices. That's the best part about a Gardening Shindig. You are sure to fall in love with the plants you will find at one of these events, but you will also fall in love with the low prices.

Take part in National Gardening Shindig Day and shindig up a storm!

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