Heuchera-Coral Bells


Heuchera, commonly known as Coral Bells, is very easy grow and care for. As a matter of fact, these are probably some of the easiest plants that I've ever grown or cared for.

Heuchera-Coral Bells is a perennial plant, which means that it dies back in the winter but comes back up again in the spring. Ideally you should cut them back right to ground in the late fall after you have experienced a good hard freeze in your area.

But last fall I didn't get out there to cut mine off, and by the time I thought about it this spring they already had some new growth coming up from the root system, so I just let them grow.

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Amazingly the new growth came and completely covered last years growth. Which really makes them one of the lowest maintenance plants I've ever used in a landscape.

We've got three different varieties in the landscaping around our house and Pam and I both enjoy these beautiful plants.

Below are photos of four of the plants in my landscape, and you can also watch My Heuchera-Coral Bells video to see third and learn more.

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This one is called Heuchera-Coral Bells 'Amber Waves':

Amber Waves Heuchera

This one is called Heuchera-Coral Bells 'Snow Angel':

Snow Angel Heuchera

This one is called Heuchera 'Palace Purple':

Palace Purple Heuchera

This one is called Heuchera-Coral Bells 'Caramel':

Caramel Heuchera

The Heuchera-Coral Bells, 'Caramel' shown above is one of the most interesting plants that I've used in a landscape in years. The foliage is velvet soft and the color changes in the fall. I will be adding more of these to my landscape and I just found a good wholesale source where Backyard Growers can buy them for as little as $2.62 each.

The plant is patented and can not be propagated without a license from the patent holder, but this is one plant that I have really been encouraging the Backyard Growers to stock up on.

Heuchera are easily propagated by division in the late fall.

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