How To Get Rid of a Skunk

Skunks resemble small rodents, and have a peculiar black and white body. They are considered by conservationists and environmentalists to be key predators that assist in controlling the insect population. Insects make up a great part of their diet, although they are widely considered to be omnivorous and munch through almost everything.

The ecological importance of skunks is well-known by many. So why is there so much interest (especially by agriculturists and gardeners) on how to get rid of skunks?

The Menacing Aspects of a Skunk

A skunk is no cute panda or teddy bear and is branded as one of the most destructive of garden pests. They are difficult to bring under control and can totally ruin your garden if not checked in time. We would prefer not to have them as pets since they carry and spread diseases such as rabies.

Skunks are notorious for releasing an awful and unbearable smelling liquid that can cause skin rashes to both humans and pets. They can spray this penetrating odor up to 15 ft and the scent isn’t anything near the aroma of your favorite deodorant. Removal of this odor is often problematic, since there are no clear-cut solutions.

Some farmers and property owners even express fears with respect to their increasing population nationwide. So once again the question arises. Not why but how…How to get rid of skunks?

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Roadmaps to Success

The optimal way to wipe out skunks is to undertake efficient pest-control steps while removing potential sources of food for them. We must be fully aware that different scenarios would require unique solutions. There is no all-purpose solution to controlling a pest of this nature.

How to get rid of a skunk, as declared earlier is no simple task, but excellent results can be obtained given careful scrutiny, creativity and execution. Have a look at these guidelines and suggestions on how to get rid of a skunk.

Some Necessary Precautions

  • Grubs and cutworms - Rid your lawn of grubs and cutworms. Skunks hunt for insect larvae under the top few inches of dirt in lawns. Grubs together with skunks, do plenty harm to your lawns and gardens. It's a great idea to employ beneficial nematodes to eliminate grubs from your lawn.
  • Pet food or litter - If there is any pet food or litter about, they should be cleaned-up right away since this will be good grounds for skunks to visit and help themselves to these "goodies".
  • Bright light - Bright light is perhaps the most effective of skunk repellents. Being nocturnal, skunks have light sensitive eyes. Try acquiring a motion sensor flood light that will frighten them off.
  • Ammonia - Sheets, rags, or cotton balls sunk in ammonia and placed around the yard is another way of “unwelcoming” your unwanted guess.
  • Citrus odor - It is generally believed that citrus odor will successfully repel animals like skunks. So place some orange or lemon peels in areas where necessary.
  • Predator odor - Predator odors could be a brilliant solution. The urine of foxes, dogs and other predatory animals can be applied to get rid of skunks. You can normally obtain these at commercial stores. Be aware that these products ought to be reapplied especially after heavy rainfall.
  • Traps - If for any reason this creature just would not exit readily, you may want to consider the trap option. In any case it would be wise to check with the local establishment to ensure adherence to the law. There are many details involve in trapping a skunk which are beyond the scope of this article; you should look into them.

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Knowing the Habitat of the Skunk – A Basic Requirement

The skunk can generally be seen in wooded or brushy areas and land cleared for agricultural purposes. They would rather hide under rocky outcrops or large rocks as well as hideaways prepared by animals of comparable size. A well-situated hole may contain several of them.

The idea is to seek out their place of abode and subsequently make it not fit to live in. How? Upon finding the dwelling of the skunk, fill it with dirt at night when the animal would have already left. Many consider this to be among the more efficient ways to get rid of a skunk.

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In contemplating how to get rid of a skunk, we quite logically seek to acquire the most efficient skunk repellent methods. This is all well and good, but if we don't remove the reason for a skunk coming into our garden or property initially, the creature will simply keep on trying to return.

Hence the need to address the issues and suggestions present in this article.

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