Mike's Nursery
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I bought this property in May of 2010.  4.6 acres an old house (1923) and some out buildings.  Should you be interested, you can follow the progression of my nursery here.

This garage and lean-to look to be in better shape in this photo than they really are. The garage needs a lot of work.

Mike's Nursery


Mike's Nursery

Standing behind the garage I took this photo after I cleared a great deal of trees, debris and brush from this area. Come spring 2011 this will be the beginning of my nursery and in time it will go back about 800 to 1,000 feet from here.  Right now (Jan 2011) about 400 feet back I've got hundreds of Japanese Maples, Harry Lauder's Walking Sticks and some Lavender Twist Red Bud stored in an underground vault until spring.  See this video:

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Mike's Nursery

The building with the new overhead door is in useable condition.  I keep my tractor in there.

Wanted!  People who would like to work at home
making and selling rooted cuttings.


Mike's Nursery

Not sure what that skinny building to the left was.  Tool shed?  But I'll find a use for it.
The lean gives it some character!


Mike's Nursery

What doesn't sag after a while?

We sold over $25,879. worth of our 
little plants right from our driveway in a
 matter of about six weeks!

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by Michael J. McGroarty
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