How To Build A Trellis For Your Grape Vines

Grape vines can be relatively easy to train to grow on a trellis. This will not only keep them neat and off the ground, but growing on a trellis allows for better sun exposure on the leaves which will help to produce more grapes.

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Begin by setting your end posts. Use 8 ft 4x4 wood posts. Bury them 2-2 1/2 feet deep and use quick set cement to anchor them into the ground.

Now place support posts (either wood or metal t-posts) every 8 ft between your end posts.

Drill holes in your wood so that you can run a wire down length of trellis. You need to run two wires- one at the top and a second one about 3 ft off the ground.

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Run a 12 gauge stainless steel wire through the holes. If you used metal t-posts for your support posts, use wire clips to secure the wire to the posts.

Next secure the wires tightly. This can be done easily by using a wire vice. They are inexpensive and allow the wire to run through in one direction only, so the wire cannot slip back out. Place these on the outside of your end posts to secure your wire. Vines can be very heavy so the wire will need to be tightened periodically.

Your grapes should be planted about eight feet apart down the length of your trellis. Training your grapes to grow on the trellis is easy. As each new hoot grows, tie it vertically to the lower wire. As it grows bigger, weave it or tie it to the top wire.

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