Backyard Growers

A Backyard Grower is a person that is so passionate about plants that they have the patience to grow hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of plants in their backyard. Most of these talented people grow and sell their plants from home, at prices much lower than you typically see at garden centers or even big box discount stores.

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Here at we have a huge family of Backyard Growers that are dedicated to helping one another grow their Backyard Nurseries. In order to start a nursery one must first have properly named stock plants that they can propagate from. Our Backyard Growers supply each other with the plants they need to start their nurseries, as well as supplying the general public in their home towns with beautiful plants at great prices.

Take a sneak peak at what kind of plants the Backyard Growers buy and sell to and from one another and at what prices. These are just a few listings that I pulled from our Plants for Sale page. New items are added all the time and they do sell out quickly.

What's really unique about Backyard Growers is that they grow and sell plants that homeowners usually can't buy at a smaller size. Many people like to buy smaller plants because they can buy more of them, and get a wider variety of plants. We sell everything from Japanese Maples, Magnolias, Mini Roses, Red Bud Trees, both tree and shrub form Dogwood and dozen and dozens of plants from $3.97 up.

Make money growing small plants at home. Mine have earned thousands!

We sold over $25,879. worth of our little plants right from our driveway in a matter of about six weeks! Click here to see one of our plant sales!

Where else can you get a Japanese Red Maple for less than $5.00?

Our members sell at flea markets, farmers markets and many of them hold plant sales right from their homes if allowed by zoning. Often times they team up and three or four of our members will all get together and hold one big plant sale.

Do they have fun? You bet they do! They love growing plants and they love talking to their customers about the plants they grow and sell. They love what they do!

Watch for plant sales in your area, more than likely one of our members is selling in your town or near by. We have members all over the United States, members in Canada and a few in the United Kingdom. Not to mention a number of other countries.

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