Boxwood Propagation and Care


Boxwood, known as Buxus in botanical terms, are excellent landscape plants. There are many varieties, with most of them being hardy to zone 5, some to zone 4. The above photo is Korean Boxwood.

Being deer resistant makes Boxwood an excellent choice for any location that is likely to be visited by deer. The upright varieties make excellent evergreen hedges, while the lower growing compact varieties work well in foundation plantings, and outlying planting beds.

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The can be easily pruned and shaped, and are very easy to grow from cuttings. The preferred methods of propagation are:

Intermittent Mist

Softwood Cuttings of Evergreens

Hardwood Cuttings of Evergreens

Bottom Heat

The Boxwood shown in the above photo is one of two planted near the waterfall in our backyard, and we use these two plants as stock plants to get cuttings for propagation. From these two plants we usually get around 300 cuttings.

We sell them in 2 quart containers from our little backyard nursery, and they always sell really well.

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