Discount Nursery Plants

You will never have to pay full price for nursery plants again! I will show you how and where to find discount nursery plants that are priced so low you won't believe it.

The secret to getting in on these deals is on this page. Read carefully.

What most people don't realize is that the mark up on nursery plants is at the very least, 100%!

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If a garden center buys a plant wholesale for $25.00, they are going to add a minimum of $25.00 to the price of that plant before they offer it for sale.

In many cases, they will mark it up even more.

Of course garden centers have very high operating expenses, and they need a very large mark up in order to stay in business.


That doesn't mean that you and I have to pay those high prices.

I've never paid those high prices! Every plant in my yard, and we have a lot of them, I bought at 50% to 75% off retail.

You should be doing the same!

You don't have to pay those retail prices either. I will show you exactly how to buy all the discount nursery plants you want and or need.

Consider this:

You visit your local garden center and see a beautiful dogwood tree priced at $99.00. A fair enough price, but still $99.00.

What most people don't realize, is that the garden center only paid $48.00 for that tree from a wholesale nursery.

But what even some garden center owners don't realize is that the wholesale nursery did not grow that tree, they actually bought it from a smaller wholesale grower for only $25.00.

You can actually be paying that $25.00 price. I do!

But it gets even better than that! Keep reading.

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Here's the secret to buying discount nursery plants at huge savings:

All you have to do is become a member of the trade, and you will be able to buy all kinds of plants at wholesale or below. And becoming a member of the trade is actually much easier, and a lot less complicated than you think.

But before I get into that, consider this: Many of the plants you buy might be tax deductible!

In the example I stated above, I told you that I am buying $99.00 dogwood trees for $25.00.

As a member of the trade, you might be able to use that $25.00 tree as a business expense, and the $25.00 price would reduce your taxable income by $25.00 and save you even more money!

Wanted! People who would like to work at home
making and selling rooted cuttings.

If I buy a plant that I am going to use as a stock plant and take cuttings from that plant to sell, I claim that plant as a business expense for my backyard nursery. (consult a qualified tax professional for advice on business deductions)

Are you beginning to realize how much money you can save as a member of the trade?

Here's an easy way for you to become a member of the trade and qualify to purchase these discount nursery plants.

The easiest way is to start a small backyard nursery. Now keep in mind, when I say a small backyard nursery, I mean really small!

In an area about the size of a picnic table, you could easily root several thousand cuttings of flowering shrubs or evergreens.

You could root several hundred or several thousand cuttings each year and sell them to a wholesale grower. I've got all kinds of people asking me for rooted cuttings!

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For instance you could grow several hundred of one kind of plant, and sell every single plant that you grow to one wholesale customer. How hard is that?

I've got a friend who grows Junipers and Arborvitaes in one gallon containers and sells them all to one or two wholesale nurseries.

But here's the point...

Just growing a small amount of plants in your backyard will make you a member of the trade, and you will qualify to buy discount nursery plants from wholesale growers.

There are a few details that you need to know about buying wholesale, but I explain all of those in detail in my E-book, "The Backyard Cash Machine".

In my E-book I show you... to find wholesale deals on any plants you are looking for, anywhere in the U.S. to go about buying plants wholesale. If you don't know this, the wholesale growers will not sell to you. It's a fact. You have to know the ropes. and where I find incredible discount nursery plant deals. Like 8' tall Purple leaf Flowering Plum trees for 6 cents each, and 24" Japanese Holly for 25 cents each. It's true! You will discover how I make these kinds of deals. It's in my E-book.

...where to buy Japanese Red Maples for as little as 60 cents each.

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