Backyard Nursery Owner Tammy H. from Zoar, Ohio

I would like to share my excitement of being a Backyard Nursery Owner and member of Mike McGroarty's group since Oct. 2005. I bought Mike's video program and was so impressed on the simple straight forward info. that was on the video's that I wanted to know more. It intrigued me that taking a cutting from a plant and rooting it on a large scale was like growing money. And it is legal!

In the spring of 2006 I got the mist system set up and starting to cut up everything I could to see if this worked. At first I killed many cuttings, but more rooted and they produced baby plants. I kept reading on the Backyard Nursery Message Board what other people were doing as they shared their hopes, dreams and business plans. What an incredible learning tool!

If I failed with a particular plant I'd just ask how others have had success with that plant and the question would be answered very quickly. Mike is always there to help, along with a diverse group of growers that have been in the business for a good length of time. You can't get this kind of help at college where you are paying high tuition dollars.

Wanted! People who would like to work at home
making and selling rooted cuttings.

Me and my husband have always owned small businesses and at this time I was retired from a large child care center that I started in my twenties that did so well that I sold it in my late thirties and retired as far as I was concerned. Well I got bored after all the kids were in school and needed something to do and loved gardening. Meantime my husband started talking about retiring from his factory and was kinda watching me make all these baby plants. I think he was amazed!

Then he seen the kids got involved in the backyard nursery. We started to make a little money. By the way, we were out of the red our first year just selling rooted cuttings to other Backyard Nursery Owners via the Backyard Growers Message Board.

I started to think this would be a great way to teach the kids some basic small business skills and starting a small business on a shoe string. The kids bit the hook after I had them root some cutting and they sold them. At the time was 10 and the other 15. Now they are 11 and 16 and the 11 year old has a simple written plan of how much money he wants to make and how many cutting it will take. Good goal planning skills for an 11 year old.

The 16 year old of course is into her social life and boys, but she goes by the seat of her pants and roots cuttings without a plan. She will take cuttings for an hour or two 4-5 days a week during the season. This last fall she made more selling cuttings on the backyard nursery message board than working at McDonald's part time for the year. She has her spending money, including gas until next fall. She has also started with my help, and the help of a fellow board member, a day lily division. The fellow board member supplied us with very reasonable priced day lilies and info. that would have taken me months to find in hybridizing them.

Make money growing small plants at home. Mine have earned thousands!

We sold over $25,879. worth of our little plants right from our driveway in a matter of about six weeks! Click here to see one of our plant sales!

Speaking of reasonable priced plants. You can buy rooted cuttings on the Backyard Growers Message Board for as little as 10 cents a cutting and info. is on there for suppliers that sell high quality tree seedlings for 30-70 cents a piece. The information you can get on the Backyard Growers Message Board is beyond what I can tell you about here. You can save many, many, many times over the membership fee of the board.

July of 2007, I decided to take a load of plants to the local farmers market, it was in the 90's and I could not believe people were crazily buying plants in the middle of the hottest heat spell we have seen in years. The 16 year old saw $$$'s and wanted to take her plants to the market, so I lined it up for her to sell at another market. She sold many plants and was lucky to know the name of the plant. People just seemed so happy to see healthily, green plants, as all the stores plants look like they haven't been watered since they left the nursery.

Well my husband saw the potential in the backyard nursery business and decided to retire from the factory he worked in since he was a kid, and he now owns it and is retired from that one as a silent partner. We as a family are excited to work together in a family business. See before we had family businesses, but did not work together. This has been a blessing to us, to teach our children good sound business practices and to work from the backyard.

Even if the kids decide to go different routes in life than the backyard nursery, no college can teach them what they are learning here at home. Mike I can not thank you enough for the countless hours you put into the management and ethics of your Backyard Growers Message Board and video productions. You make it clear on what not to do as well as what to not do, which can keep many of us out of legal problems. Tammy H., Zoar, Ohio

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(Note: In her testimonial Tammy mentioned plants for as little as 10¢ each. That's true, one member found an incredible deal this fall and many, many people on the board bought plants for 10¢ each. Will that happen again? I really don't know. Most rooted cuttings sell for 35¢ to 75¢. -Mike)

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