Backyard Nursery Owner Barbara from Salem, Oregon

Barbara from Salem, OR

Hi Mike, What a GREAT business this is!!!

I have always liked plants and digging in the dirt. Guess that comes from being raised on a farm. I bought my first house at age 52 and got one on a corner lot with a big yard so I could do lots of "digging". I wasted no time ripping out the overgrown rhodies and other unknown species of plant life and proceeded to plant many other things putting my own special touch on my new house. I soon filled up the front yard and moved to the back to do the same thing. I have planted, changed my mind, thrown away, replanted many many plants. I was taking care of a disabled brother and working full time so this was my therapy and my sanity.

I soon realized I needed another outlet for my energy so started making and selling birdhouses at the local Saturday market. Although they are unique and adorable they appealed to only a small crowd. While sitting in my booth every week I had lots of opportunity to observe other vendors.

The only ones making money were the plant vendors and the food vendors.

Make money growing small plants at home. Mine have earned thousands!

We sold over $25,879. worth of our little plants right from our driveway in a matter of about six weeks! Click here to see one of our plant sales!

I quickly made friends with a plant vendor and learned he started as a hobby and after 5 years has a full blown retail nursery. I was jealous. After two summer of watching him sell plants and then coming home to Mike's emails inviting me to join the Backyard Nursery Group I decided to JUST DO IT. I sold some extra furniture and got enough money to join the group in December 2007.

Not knowing exactly where to start, I read the postings on the message board and listen to the pros as they share with each other. I read about the ideas for plant beds, rooting beds, and water systems so outside I go to try it out. Since I live in Oregon I can be outside in the winter as long as I have a good raincoat. My soil is soggy but still moveable. The members on the Backyard Nursery Message Board are like friends that I can contact anytime and they have an answer for me. They love their businesses and are glad to share their knowledge. This is saving me a lot of time and money since I don't have to do as much "trial and error" on my own as I learn the backyard nursery business.

I always enjoy the postings from you, Mike, as you are always interactive with us and are committed to our success and behind us all the way . I can almost see you smiling as you read the conversations and feel the excitement taking place between the members.

I was telling my friend in a neighboring city about my new backyard nursery venture and she immediately started making a list of plants she needs for her new backyard. My hairdresser is also working on a list for her new house. These are my first sales and I haven't even put a plant in the ground yet.

What a GREAT business this is!!!

Thank you Mike McGroarty.

Pink Flower Nursery
Salem, Oregon

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