Backyard Nursery Owner Cheri from Boise, Idaho

Hi Mike,

There is no way I could have done this without Mike's help with his books, cds and dvd's to help me through every step. My backyard nursery will help me to improve my own lifestyle. I feel very confidant in my pursuit of this wonderful business of growing plants to sell to people that want to have a beautiful landscape that they will be pleased to look at everyday. And make thousands of dollars while I'm doing it.

Wanted! People who would like to work at home
making and selling rooted cuttings.

I found Mike McGroarty's backyard nursery info while searching for propagating plants. There was a wealth of information on I joined up and received Mike's newsletters which were very helpful. I was attracted to the ad about selling Japanese Red Maple trees. Since I love to garden and and have a real passion for Japanese Maples, this would be a great way to make some extra money for improvements in my backyard.

I was even more intrigued by the ability to learn how to grow weeping pussy willows and other landscape plants to sell along with the Japanese Maple trees. I then wanted to learn more about propagating these plants and trees and decided I needed to purchase Mike's ebooks and get a 45 day free trial of the Backyard Grower's Group as that was going to be the only way to really learn how to have a Backyard Nursery Business, and I had plenty of a backyard, but seeing Mike's pictures of his backyard garden and that he didn't need a lot of space to grow the thousands of Japanese Maples and other landscape plants was even better.

I paid the $297.00 for Mike's Ebooks and videos, they were full of information and getting online with the other backyard grower's I was very excited to see what the other member's of the group were doing with their backyard nursery and the money they were able to make in their plant sales.

I also met a person in my own town and she helped me to get started on making cuttings and dipping them and sticking them into a tray of sand. I purchased my misting system and started with just three trays of cuttings around June 2007.

In the meantime, I would get a yard of coarse sand, mulching bark and fertilizer to start making 'growing beds' for these cuttings that were actually rooting. A new experience for me as I have never learned to root plants that way. I did plant out the rooted cuttings and they are sleeping right now, under 6 inches of snow and looking good.

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During the summer while my cuttings were under mist, I was buying plants that I could legally propagate by making rooted cuttings. At this time my 45 days were over on the Backyard Grower's Board and I really missed it and knew that I needed to get back on as there was so much more to learn and the people there were so helpful.

I did return in November 2007 and received some more information from Mike and I was able to connect with the places where I could buy the products I needed for my Backyard Grower's Business and instructions on how to take care of my plants and be ready for my first plant sale.

I did all of this with a physical handicap, I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which was very painful, but I persevered and had surgery to correct my problem right after Christmas. After surgery, I was still able to do a little bit of work on my Backyard Nursery Business while I was healing. I wanted to be ready for my spring sale 2008 with plenty of plants.

Even with my right hand wrapped up, I could still use the computer to order rooted cuttings from other members on the Board, it only took one good finger to type out what I wanted. And the people on the Backyard Grower's Group were so wonderful and helped me to decide what would be good to sell in my town. Mike always sends out a newsletter to let me know what are the best selling plants to grow in my area and places where I can purchase them wholesale. There was no way I was going to be able to do that asking people at the local garden nurseries and big box stores. They are going to keep that information for themselves.

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I would also keep my information quiet and slowly go about the business of collecting stock plants and finding the best deals on the them. It seems that after I bought Mike's Backyard Grower's System that doors just seem to open for me as I went about my daily affairs. I would find plants & trees on sale that I wanted to propagate and sell.

While being tested for my carpal tunnel the lab technician asked me a little bit of what plants I was growing. When I mentioned Burning Bush, she was so excited as she loved that landscape plant and hers always would die on her. So here I had made a new person that wanted to buy from me, and I was just there due to a Dr's order.

Then the mail lady would always see me in my garden and sometimes she would come up to the door to deliver some mail and she would see some of the plants I was rooting. She was so excited as she had a plant like the one I was working with, but it died after having it for awhile and she really wanted another one. I told her after these are ready to pot up, she could come and get one from me. Now this mail lady goes to a lot of houses everyday and chats with other people. So here I have made a customer who I know will be a good advertiser for me. And she would always ask how my hand was healing, and I would show her that I was now able to make cuttings out of the stock plants I had.

Backyard Nursery Owner Cheri
Boise, Idaho

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