Backyard Nursery owners Donna and Max from Jacksonville, Florida

I am a new and proud backyard nursery owner and I couldn't have done it without this system and the Backyard Growers Message Board.

My husband Max and I started October 1st, 2007 and are well on our way to a very successful nursery business on our property that is just a little under an acre. We bought the system after reading over the website for months and now looking back we really wish we would have bought Mikes Backyard Nursery Growing System sooner. Almost immediately after taking cuttings and getting them rooted we were able to sell them. Along with selling the rooted cuttings we were also able to put together a waiting list for spring.

Wanted! People who would like to work at home
making and selling rooted cuttings.

We visited local nurseries and talked to the owners who are now patiently awaiting a availability list so they can buy from us. The owners were so glad to hear that there would be someone local to be able to buy from and they wont have to wait for their purchases to be shipped to the store. They love the one on one contact. They were very helpful in telling us what items sold the best and what they run out of so what to grow isn't even a question anymore.

About a week before Christmas we placed Mike's suggested ad online locally to try and clear out some plants and make a little extra money for gifts. We only received 2 calls which was more than I expected with the holiday but I figured it was worth a shot. The first ad bought us a customer who bought 10 plants. The second call was for a customer who wanted to purchase enough shrubs to create a privacy hedge for the front of their property. After speaking with them on the phone we went out to determine which plants would best fit the area since the home owner wasn’t very plant savvy and didn’t know for sure what he wanted. That trip was all it took to convince us we had made the right decision. Three days later we were delivering and installing 100 shrubs and 30 ornamentals which took Max and I five hours to get them all in and then we were on our way home.

That job paid our mortgage and allowed us to have a decent Christmas with our children!

Now in January we are preparing for spring and still steady taking phone calls from people who want to know how things are going. We have landscapers that are excited about our backyard nursery business because they buy from the big box stores. We also have a re-landscape job in the process for a homeowner who is just tired of everything looking the same but doesn’t have the time to deal with it himself. The possibilities are endless with Mikes Backyard Growing System whether you want to only sell rooted cuttings and liners or if you wan to take it one step further and offer installation as well.

Don't delay. Trust me, we wish we would have bought the backyard nursery system a long time ago.

Donna & Max
Jacksonville, Florida

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