Backyard Nursery Owner Dwayne from Shapleigh, Maine

I found Mike's website purely by accident one day while searching for a way to propagate a shrub. I read and reread all the information on his site, learning all I could. I couldn't believe someone would just give away good information like that. I figured there had to be a catch here somewhere, and there it was, he wanted me to buy into his backyard nursery program. Aha! I knew there was a catch. I was quite apprehensive about sending money to someone I don't know. "How do I know if this is a scam", I thought.

I decided not to buy, but frequented the website to memorize and gather all the free info. I did decide to get his free newsletter though. In one of those newsletters was an announcement about a public message board where I could get more advice and tips on growing plants. I became a frequent visitor and poster on the message board, even winning free Japanese Maple seeds and a pair of brand new pruners!

I visited the public board for about a year before I decided to buy the program. I mean, what did I have to lose, even with the free information I got from his site, I was confident I could recoup my money. The only thing holding me back was the money.

I used some of my Income tax refund to purchase his system and when it arrived I was amazed. The information was priceless! I could see where I was going to save time and money by not wasting money on stuff I didn't need. Boy, do I need that! I tend to complicate things a bit by trying to improve everything by over engineering it.

Mike's concept of keeping it simple made me realize I was wasting a lot of time and energy.

With my purchase came 45 days on the private message board for free. My first day on the board I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information! I immediately realized that THIS was where I needed to be, but how was I going to afford a permanent membership, I had just spent all I could for the system. Reading through the older posts gave me an idea; during my mist bed and grow bed construction, I would have to move some Hosta that came with the house when I bought it. My plan was to start weeding out all the plants that I couldn't propagate, and replace them with plants that I could grow in my backyard nursery and get cuttings from. I dug up 3 huge Hosta and divided them.

They were just basic green Hosta, I figured I'd try and sell them for $3 each. I sold $300 dollars worth! I made enough to buy a permanent membership to the growers board and have found a new home with a very large and friendly family. The knowledge and camaraderie is amazing, well worth the price for the permanent membership.

Of course, with anything good, comes bad, and I must warn you if you are thinking about buying Mike's system.

First, you are guaranteed to lose sleep for the first month after buying his system You will find it very difficult to stop watching the videos, reading the material he sends, and of course visiting the growers board.

Second, You will never look at your yard the same again. Those plants you have loved and nourished for so long will be looked at as I did my Hosta. Loved em, but move over, I need the room for my stock plants and rooted cuttings! My advice is to take pictures before you start to tear things up. They will come in handy later when you reflect back to the day you decided to start your own Backyard Nursery.

Third, before you begin to start your Endeavour, please contact a support group who specializes in addictions. Keep them on speed dial, because growing your own plants, starting your own backyard nursery, and sharing information with your fellow Backyard Growers is definitely an addiction.

Mike's McGroarty sells more than a Backyard Growing System, he sells dreams. Every person who buys his system, buys it with a vision of the freedom and enjoyment of owning their own Backyard Nursery. You can be as large or small as you want to be. After all, it is YOUR dream.

Thank You Mike for allowing me to be a part of your group. See you on the board, and happy growing!

Shapleigh, Maine

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