Backyard Nursery owners Greg and Faith from South West Missouri, the Beautiful Ozark Mountains

Backyard Nursery Owner Greg

This is Faith in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks near Joplin, where we have our little backyard nursery.

We feel so very lucky to have found this group of Backyard Growers; we have only been in the group for about three months. We have found Mike to be a wonderfully helpful mentor, offering information & guidance whenever we need it, every step of the way. He spends time on the Board almost every day, and is generous in sharing his time and expertise.

Wanted! People who would like to work at home
making and selling rooted cuttings.

The Backyard Growers Message Board is a unique and helpful creation. Whatever question or problem one may have, somebody in the group will offer new & helpful insight. The wealth of knowledge to be found in the archives is amazing. Every single day we find new & interesting revelations about the backyard nursery business through this Board. I usually check it out first thing each morning to see what of interest has been added since yesterday.

We have been building our little backyard nursery for just a bit over 3 months & we marvel at how much we've learned already. We're following Mike's guidance as closely as possible; there is no way on earth that we could have had access to all the knowledge & experience represented by this Board had we not been so lucky as to learn of this opportunity . The benefits have been absolutely wonderful. We have purchased many rooted cuttings from other Board members; we've added a variety of interesting plants & trees to our landscape, which we can use as a source of cuttings for years to come.

If you have any interest in developing your own plant business, this is such a bargain. Not for one minute have we ever regretted purchasing our permanent membership in this wonderful group. It is proving to be more than described in Mike's advertising. We've probably all been disappointed in some previous business venture offerings we've tried, but this is one that lives up to and surpasses its promise.

We are thankful to Mike for creating backyard nursery forum, which is such a boon to each one of us beginning Backyard Growers. The Board members have all been extremely helpful and willing to share what they have learned. The prevailing attitude is one of sharing, helping -- with no competitive agendas getting in the way. It truly is a unique group.

We bless Mike and all those who are so willing to jump in to offer aid and advice as we work to build a fascinating new business. I would never have believed that this new venture could be so much fun and of such compelling interest. Being a part of the Backyard Nursery Group has opened up a new world which we are enjoying every day.

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